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Mad Minutes: Anti-Choice Feminists May 14, 2009

I would like to take a quick minute to get something off of my chest… Anti-choice feminists do not exist! In fact, they CANNOT exist.

Feminism is about one thing; choice! True choice that is informed and free of barriers to access. If you believe that one possible and legal choice is no longer valid for women or for all people then you do not believe in choice. If you do not believe in choice, you cannot be a feminist.

In my personal experience, those feminists who claim to be “pro-life” are actually “pro-choice” they are just adamant about their own refusal to ever have an abortion, while still respecting the decision of other women to undergo the procedure. Remember the Daily Show’s Samantha Bee video at the RNC with all the use of the word decision to refer to Palin’s daughter’s “choice” to keep the baby. I think you get the point!

Choice is the main thing that separates feminists from non-feminists. Are you in or out?

(Considering starting a new sub-heading called Mad Minutes – for stuff that is short and easy to post/discuss but is currently getting me fired up! What do you think?)


8 Responses to “Mad Minutes: Anti-Choice Feminists”

  1. Rob F Says:

    I agree. Two sociologists, Steven Nock and Paul Kingston, wrote a book called The Sociology of Public Issues. One of the chapters is called something like “The Political Institution: The Politics of Abortion”. In it they conclude that anti-choicers “…[B]elieve men and women are intrinsically different in their social roles. Women, such individuals believe, are destined to be mothers first and foremost… The abortion debate pits traditional women and men against nontraditional women and men. In a very real sense, the argument (my note: [ie the abortion debate]) is over how we as Americans view women: Are they equal to men?” (my emphasis)

    Based on that, I am tempted to conclude that opposition to abortion is not just anti-feminist, but misogynist.

  2. askingquestion Says:

    The prenatal is irrelevant in the abortion question?

  3. “Based on that, I am tempted to conclude that opposition to abortion is not just anti-feminist, but misogynist.” Thanks Rob F – I would agree!

    askingquestion: Can you please elaborate on what you mean by prenatal? Are you referring to prenatal care? Traditional there is pre and post abortion counselling. Which is great as long as it is feminist based counselling that respects each woman’s individual choice without judgment.

  4. askingquestion Says:

    Should the abortion debate consider if the prenatal is living, human, or unique from the pregnant?

    • It is a debatable aspect of abortion but in my opinion the fetus is still dependent on the mother for life and thus not an unique and separate being. Actually I went to a Catholic high-school and used the bible to argue this point. Something about God breathing the life into the nostrils and creating life. Thus life begins at the first breath.

  5. askingquestion Says:

    Did the Catholic high school sit up and take notice?

  6. askingquestion Says:

    Being the Catholic position is based on life, seems the Catholic view might toss out some other Bible parts.

    Does the Catholic view seem open to life beginning at birth?

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