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Mad Minutes: Hypocritical Politicians May 22, 2009

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While I cannot wait to see this movie, actually I am a documentary junkie, the topic is a bit upsetting to me.  Check it out!

(Maybe that could become another feature of the site, my reviews of documentaries or at least a monthly suggestion of one or two to watch. If you are trying to gain publicity for your video I cannot promise much but I am willing to watch anything and give some feedback publicly, leave a comment here. Maybe call it DocJunk?)

It infuriates me that these politicians are so anti-gay publicly and then are actually living a gay lifestyle in private. This is school-yard bullytactics and I certainly do not see how it falls under the rule of law.

For a happy follow-up check out this kid who is rallying for gay marriage rights;

*** Thanks to the 92nd Edition of Carnival of Liberals for linking to this article ***


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