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Mad Minutes: Gay Marriage May 27, 2009

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I hate that this is even a debatable issue. Gay marriage is a human rights issue, not a matter of personal opinion.

There are a number of quotes related to this cause that are becoming very well known like; “If you don’t agree with gay marriage, do not marry a gay person”. It gets the point across that these are human rights not straight people rights. In other words, it really doesn’t hurt people to have gay marriage exist, however, it certainly does when you deny people a right another group of people has access to. That is blatant discrimination!

The fact that you are religious does NOT give you the right to spread hate under the guise of freedom of speech. You are a bigot! Hate crimes and related comments should not be covered under the US constitution in any situation.

This post is a result of the Prop 8 decision being upheld by the California Supreme Court and because of Miss California’s response to Perez.


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