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Tyra Banks and Dating Violence May 29, 2009

I found this quote on the Tyra Banks Show website after hearing it prior to commercial breaks while watching her show the other day. Obviously a guilty pleasure of mine!

Are you a teen or a young woman who’s being physically abused by another young woman? If you want help dealing with your abusive relationship, SUBMIT BELOW.

Please only submit if you are willing to appear on “The Tyra Banks Show”.

If it were not for the last line I would send in a request for assistance just to see what happens. If anyone is more brave than I please let us know the results. (See my theory below about what is and is not happening.)

However, my question is, why would someone in an abusive relationship want to come on national television for “relationship advice”. See the difference this time is that the relationship is between two women. Sigh!

Clearly two women cannot experience really be hurting each other the way a heterosexual couple can experience domestic violence. There must not be gendered roles and they must be equally matched physically. REALLY?! Of course not!

So why is the first step not to refer these young women to domestic violence shelters or women’s resource centres for professional help? Instead Tyra plans on parading them across her stage all for viewership.

We need to take all forms of domestic violence seriously including those between same-sex partners. Violence, power, and control is wrong and abusive not matter what the abuser or partner looks like “down-there” (or how they identify their own gender).

Please be sure to check out the links on the side panel of this page for more information and violence against women resources.


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