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The Cultural Genocide of Native People May 27, 2009

During the last week in Thunder Bay a young native boys hair was chopped off by his teacher’s assistant. Since this time the Crown and police have refused to charge the woman accused. Some people may not understand why this is such a big deal, so let’s break it down.

The child was touched without permission, during this time the assailant was holding what we can easily refer to as a “deadly weapon” given that you could hypothetically be killed by a pair of scissors. In fact, it is not a stretch to imagine this happening.

The child is native and therefore having long hair is not simply a fashion statement but rather something tied to the child’s culture. Cutting off the hair of male native children was regularly done at residential schools, where the goal was to “kill the indian and save the child“.

Based on these facts I would say it would be fair to charge the teacher with assault using a weapon or causing bodily harm. It would be a stretch but I also think this is a race based hate crime.

The point of this post is to spread the word about this horrific action and to encourage people to contact their local politicians and demand that action be taken in this seriously. You may also want to write the school officials and express your opinions to them.

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Mad Minutes: Hypocritical Politicians May 22, 2009

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While I cannot wait to see this movie, actually I am a documentary junkie, the topic is a bit upsetting to me.  Check it out!

(Maybe that could become another feature of the site, my reviews of documentaries or at least a monthly suggestion of one or two to watch. If you are trying to gain publicity for your video I cannot promise much but I am willing to watch anything and give some feedback publicly, leave a comment here. Maybe call it DocJunk?)

It infuriates me that these politicians are so anti-gay publicly and then are actually living a gay lifestyle in private. This is school-yard bullytactics and I certainly do not see how it falls under the rule of law.

For a happy follow-up check out this kid who is rallying for gay marriage rights;

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